Together We Can is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Board of Directors

Aaron B. Hamilton Sr.

Aaron B. Hamilton Sr. is a distinguished board member known for his expertise across various dimensions of technology and marketing.

Aaron earned an Associate Degree in Liberal Studies from Fresno City College, followed by a Bachelor of Science degree from the Sid Craig School of Business, specializing in End-User Computing and Database Design. Building on this foundation, he furthered his academic pursuits with a Master's Degree in healthcare administration, emphasizing informatics at the University of Phoenix. Passionate about helping people help others, Aaron extends his commitment beyond technology to effective team management, fostering connections that drive positive change. His unique set of superpowers includes guiding individuals through challenging life situations and infusing moments of joy through his innate ability to make people laugh. These qualities make him a valuable asset to our board.
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Kasey Madden

Kasey Madden, an ardent advocate for social and environmental causes, brings a wealth of expertise to our board.

Armed with a Women's Studies degree and a solid foundation in non-profit administration, Kasey excels in web development, marketing, and quality assurance. Her creative prowess extends to art, graphic design, and writing, reflecting her deep passion for environmental conservation. Actively supporting causes such as Planned Parenthood and the Nature Conservancy, Kasey's commitment shines through. Her love for travel and connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds enriches her perspective, informed by global experiences addressing social and environmental challenges. Kasey possesses a unique superpower—making people feel heard and valued. A calm, logical thinker, she navigates challenges adeptly and builds bridges of understanding. Her technical skills, coupled with unwavering dedication to our mission, render Kasey an invaluable member of our board.
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Chezuaf Chavez

Chezuaf Chavez is a seasoned professional with expertise in human resources, business management, and education.

Holding a B.A. from Fresno State's Kremen School of Education and Human Development, Chezuaf is a member of the Society of Human Resource Management, showcasing his commitment to excellence. Throughout his career, Chezuaf has excelled in roles spanning Controller Services, HR, Payroll, and Business Management, contributing to the success of organizations like Together We Can. His volunteer work has led him to actively engage with organizations like the Muscular Dystrophy Association, United Way, Tulare Basin Wetlands, and various Social and Economic organizations in the areas of Health and Environmental Justice. His passion lies in helping clients and partners achieve their goals. His leadership and dedication make him a valuable addition to our board, aligning perfectly with our mission of social and environmental betterment.
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Dr. Morghan Velez Young, PhD

Dr. Morghan Vélez Young, PhD, is a passionate advocate for social transformation through her dedication to antiracism and decolonization.

Her commitment is evident in various facets of her career, including authoring books, engaging in collaborative projects, conducting research, and sharing her expertise through consulting and teaching at Fresno State University. Throughout her work, the common thread is a focus on antiracism and decolonization, reflecting her mission to amplify community voices. Her latest publication, "Nonprofit Work Is Killin' Me," released in 2023 by Toplight Press, explores the investments and needs of social services organizations within the historical context of social oppressions. Driven by her Choctaw, Cherokee, and Tepehuan heritage, Morghan's dedication to social transformation is deeply rooted. Hailing from Yokuts Land, her upbringing further enriches her unique perspective and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact.
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Advisory Council

Luis Medina
Advocate. Administrator. Public Servant.

Luisa brings extensive leadership experience having served on multiple boards with both public institutions and non-profit community based organizations.

Throughout her distinguished career, Ms. Luisa Medina has worked to improve the lives of marginal communities in a variety of elected and appointed capacities. Recently retired, Ms. Medina served for 25 years as the Development Director for Central California Legal Services Inc. (CCLS). Prior positions include Chief Operating Officer for the Fresno Private Industry Council (now Workforce Development) from 1995 to 1998; Public Policy Advocate for CCLS (93 - 95) and Executive Director of Centro La Familia (78 - 93). In 2002, Luisa was elected to the Board of Trustees for the Fresno Unified School District, where she was president for two years. Following her service on the school board, she was appointed to the Fresno Planning Commission, providing guidance on the city's future growth (2007-2016). Additional public service includes appointment to the board for the Fresno County's First Five Commission; chaired the City of Fresno's Housing and Community Development Commission; and the board of Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission. Ms. Medina, of Fresno, was reappointed by Governor Newsome in March 2015 to the CA Partnership San Joaquin Valley Board of Directors which she has been a member since January 2007.
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Suliana Caldwell
Advocate. Administrator. Leader.

Suliana brings over a decade of experience in nonprofit administration and fiscal receivership, having served with multiple organizations in program and administrative capacities.

A proud graduate of San Jose State University, she has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence and service throughout her career. Having served in pivotal roles within prominent organizations such as the United Way and other nonprofits in the San Joaquin Valley, Suliana has honed her skills in optimizing operations and enhancing administrative efficiency. Her passion for nonprofit work is evident in her dedication to creating positive social impact and fostering community well-being.
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Marc V. Young
Executive Director
Dalton Hartman
Chief Fiscal Officer | Program Coordinator
Jesse Cruz
Program Coordinator
Gage L Young
Program Coordinator
Jeannette Audelo
Operations Manager
Cynthia Cantu
Administrative Support
Kenney Kenner
Administrative Support
Julia Haley
Accounting and Operations
Robert Kuroda
Accounting and Operations

Fostering Change in Disadvantaged Areas

Together We Can is deeply committed to making a tangible difference in disadvantaged areas. By focusing our efforts on these communities, we aim to address the challenges of limited resources, economic disparities, and systemic barriers. 

Our programs and initiatives are specifically tailored to create equitable opportunities and foster inclusive economic development. Through partnerships with local organizations, government entities, and community leaders, we work collaboratively to drive positive change and promote economic empowerment, job creation, and improved living standards.

Together We Can is dedicated to the success and empowerment of small businesses and community-based organizations in disadvantaged areas. By providing financial oversight, business support, bridging financial gaps, promoting financial literacy, and fostering change within communities, we aim to create a more equitable and prosperous future. Together, we can overcome challenges, unlock potential, and build thriving businesses and communities.

Join us in transforming lives and communities.

Donate today and be a part of the movement to empower minority-owned businesses and small community-based organizations. Together, we can make a lasting impact.